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  • UBV161 Exercise! NEW RELEASE. Jack is drinking, smoking and playing video games. Harry is about to go for a long run. He's training for a marathon. When Harry sees Jack in the kitchen, he tries to persuade him to get more exercise. Jack tells Harry he's going to exercise on him! Poor Harry meant well, but he doesn't get his run. This video is 50 minutes long.
    UBV161 Exercise! - Downlaod £18
  • UBV090 Bobby Bash! A top seller, from 2014, this awesome video once again finds Jack on the look out for an unwilling victim. Bobby fits the bill nicely. Poor Bobby suffers in a variety of wrestling holds, gets tied up, takes plenty of abuse from Jack's low blows, as well as dragons, full nelsons, bully pins and more! Jack has a terrific time at poor Bobby's expense. This video is 46 minutes long.
    UBV090 Bobby Bash - Downlaod £18
  • V209 Not Tough Enough! NEW RELEASE. Conley is making fun of Zandré because someone has posted a video of him on a website. Zandré gets annoyed and starts working over Conley, making good use of his feet. After some action in jeans, they strip down to wrestling trunks for the rest of the session. As usual, these two give us some fast paced, high energy viewing. This video is 50 minutes long.
    V209 Not Tough Enough! - Download £18
  • UBV160 Forever Falling, starring Toby, Spencer and Noah. NEW RELEASE. Toby is goading Spencer. He keeps flicking the ash off his cigarette onto the floor Spencer is cleaning. When Spencer tries to teach Toby not to be so irritating he gets owned by the bad boy. Noah arrives, and helps Spencer double team Toby, but Toby is not that easy to beat. This video is 47 minutes long.
    UBV160 Forever Falling - Downlaod £18
  • V208 You Will Regret This! NEW RELEASE. Armand is boasting about his success at Untamed. Ryan challenges him and soon realises that he's totally outclassed. Ryan knows there is only one way he will win this match. After changing, he knocks Armand out and ties him up, then he takes advantage of the situation. However, Armand escapes, and Ryan doesn't know what's hit him! This video is 51 minutes long.
    V208 You Will Regret This! - Download £18
  • V151 Ab Attack 6 Abs of Steel, originally released in December 2014. Zandré is boasting to Ferdi about his new workout routine which has resulted in a six pack better than any other. But Ferdi reckons he’s the one with Abs of Steel. The guys get their wrestling trunks on and test each other with some very powerful gutpunching, with both guys giving and taking punches on the mat, against the wall and on the table. This video is 55 minutes long.
    V151 Ab Attack 6 - Abs of Steel - Download £18
  • V133 Ab Attack 5 - Who's the Pussy Now? - Louis vs Ferdi. First released in June 2014, this best seller is the greatest gutpunching video ever made! Big mouth Ferdi won't shut up about his amazing six pack, and Louis decides to put his boasts to the test. No punches are pulled as Louis aims to prove that his abs are stronger than Ferdi's. Hardcore GP fans won't be disappointed! This video is an hour long.
    V133 Ab Attack 5 - Louis vs Ferdi - Download £18
  • V069 Ab Attack, starring Louis and Conley. This is one of our top sellers, originally released in 2012. Louis suspects Conley of playing around with his girlfriend, and he wants to frighten the young punk off. In the first half of this video Louis tries to turn Conley's abs to jelly. In the second half, Conley shows Louis who's the boss. This action packed video is 52 minutes long.
    V069 Ab Attack - Download £18
  • UBV159 Double Bill 2 - Ab Attacks, starring Mark, Villy, Adam and Lex. NEW RELEASE. We start with Mark destroying Villy and move on to Lex getting annihilated by Adam. Lots of ab work in addition to some nice wrestling holds. This video is 50 minutes long.
    UBV159 Double Bill 2 - Ab Attacks - Download £18