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  • V191 Born to Lose! starring Jessie J, Conley and Leroy. NEW RELEASE. Conley thinks he is going to win his match with Jessie J, but has brought Leroy along as insurance. Jessie J warns Leroy that if he gets involved there will be consequences! Jessie then starts to dish out a beating to the now bearded Conley, and when Leroy tries to intervene he gets what's due to him. Go for it Jessie J! We couldn't get Jessie to stop, so this video is 62 minutes long.
    V191 Born to Lose! - Download £18
  • UBV141 The Nerd. NEW RELEASE. Daniel wants to read his paper, but Jason is looking for trouble. After making fun of Daniel and his clothing, Jason proceeds to humiliate him, showing off his muscles as he plays with Daniel. Daniel gets in a few good shots, but he’s no match for Jason. When Jason goes to get a drink, Daniel finds a belt….. Look out Jason! This video is 48 minutes long.
    UBV141 The Nerd - Download £18
  • UBV140 Rough & Ready, starring Toby and Adam. NEW RELEASE. Toby enjoys nothing more than an opportunity to work over one of the musclhunks, and they don’t come bigger than Adam. Shirtless in jeans, the guys work up quite a sweat in this terrific brawl. Lots of ab abuse, dragons, camels and bostons. This video is 32 minutes long.
    UBV140 Rough & Ready - Download £12
  • UBV139 One-Two, starring Corey, Garry and Jack. NEW RELEASE. Corey pays Garry to help him get his revenge on Jack. They break into Jack's apartment and wait for him. It doesn't take long for Jack to floor both of his opponents, then he works on them one at a time. At least Jack makes sure that Corey gets his money back! This video is 48 minutes long.
    UBV139 One-Two - Download £18
  • V190 Work Those Abs! NEW RELEASE. We all know how proud Ferdi is when it comes to his six pack, but Adrian thinks his is more impressive. The guys decide to have an ab boxing competition and Ferdi starts out well after a cheap shot. The action moves outside and then into the house and both guys give and take some great shots. Whose six pack will prevail? This video is 41 minutes long.
    V190 Work Those Abs! - Download £18
  • V135 Sharks & Bulls. Re-release. Louis picks a fight with Jano after an argument about their favourite rugby teams. Louis loves playing the bully, but he doesn't get it all his own way. Jano is a skillful wrestler and he's got some serious muscle! The boys use a variety of punishing submission holds and some creative dirty moves. This video is 53 minutes long.
    V135 Sharks & Bulls - Download £18
  • UBV087 Good, Clean Fun, starring Toby and Bobby. Re-release. Whenever Toby and Bobby get together they just have to strip down to their Speedos and wrestle! It always ends up with one of them exhausted on the sofa. This energetic video includes lots of sleepers, figure 4s, full nelsons, scissors and dragons. Bobby and Toby love working together, and it shows. This video is 47 minutes long.
    UBV087 Good Clean Fun - Download £18
  • V189 More Than Ever! NEW RELEASE. Armend challenges JP to a submission wrestling match. Although JP is a lightweight compared to Armand, he outclasses his bigger opponent throughout the match. Armand only manages to get one submission and, at the end, he is forced to admit that JP has beaten him. This video is 49 minutes long.
    V189 More Than Ever! - Download £18
  • UBV138 Splash! NEW RELEASE. Spencer tries to steal Jason's mountain bike. Jason catches up with him and knocks him off, then the guys have a scrap in their cycling gear. Lots of high energy action which ends up in the river. This video is 53 minutes long.
    UBV138 Splash! - Download £18