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  • V168 Take That! Re-release. Daniel has been looking forward to kicking Armand's ass, but it isn't going to be that easy. These two guys both like to win, and although Daniel is bigger and older, Armand is an experienced wrestler. The guys share fairly equal top time and we don't know until the very end who is going to win. This video is 29 minutes long.
    V168 Take That! - Download £12
  • V167 Please Leave Me! Re-release. Ferdi, JC and JC's girlfriend all work in the same bar, but when JC finds out that Ferdi and his girlfriend have been up to no good in the backroom, things get spicy. Poor JC confronts Ferdi, and then gets to regret his action as Ferdi plays with him in his usual, uncompromising way. The guys start out in long pants, then change into shorts. This video is 56 minutes long.
    V167 Please Leave Me! - Download £18
  • UBV122 Feel My Muscle! Re-release. Jason and Harry are comparing their abs and biceps and Jason challenges Harry to an arm wrestling match. When Harry loses, he starts throwing punches, but Jason bullypins him and insists they wrestle. It looks like Jason is going to win, so Harry gets dirty. This high energy video is 50 minutes long and has everything our fans adore!
    UBV122 Feel My Muscle! - Download £18
  • V183 Louis' Workout, starring Louis, Ryan, Armand and JC. NEW RELEASE. Louis has been picking off the new guys, and JC is next on his list. JC doesn't want to wrestle, but that doesn't worry Louis. JC can't understand why Louis is picking on him, but Louis doesn't need a reason. Louis gets started on what looks like it will be a very satisfying squash job. But as Louis gets into his stride, Ryan and Armand arrive. These guys are Louis' recent victims. Will the 3 rookies proove too much of a challenge for Louis, or will they just make for a better workout? This video is 30 minutes long.
    V183 Louis' Workout - Download £12
  • UBV133 What's Your Beef? Part 2. NEW RELEASE. Last time Corey met up with Adam he got owned. This time he's determined to beat musclepunk Adam. The match is fairly even until the end, when the loser gets sleepered. This video is 19 minutes long.
    UBV133 What's Your Beef? Pt 2 - Download £5.99
  • V177 Had Enough? Re-release. Armand picks a fight with Louis, and Louis shows off his superior wrestling skills by totally squashing Armand. Louis applies one painful submission hold after another. Armand decides to fight dirty. He throws a punch, then ties Louis' hands behind his back. It's Louis' turn to take a beating, but when the rope comes off it's curtains for Armand. This video is 29 minutes long.
    V177 Had Enough? - Download £12
  • V182 She's My Girl! NEW RELEASE. Ryan has his eye on the girl at the pizza place. It turns out Louis is planning to ask her out as well. Louis knows that Ryan is very popular with the ladies, so he decides they need to wrestle for the honor of asking the girl out. Ryan rather rashly accepts Louis' challenge, and Louis goes into squash mode. This video is 28 minutes long.
    V182 She's My Girl! - Download £12
  • UBV132 What Game? NEW RELEASE. Toby wants another opportunity to wrestle Jason. Jason is at the physical peak of perfection, and he is more than happy to accept Toby's challenge. Toby works hard on Jason's six pack, but Jason appears to be indestructible at Toby's hands. This video is 28 minutes long.
    UBV132 What Game? - Download £12
  • V181 Tap for the Chicken! NEW RELEASE. Zandré wants to wrestle but Ferdi is too engrossed in his video game. Zandré insists, and he starts out well. Ferdi is not used to losing, but Zandré shows him who's boss...... for 15 minutes or so..... then Ferdi rises to the occasion! This video is 51 minutes long.
    V181 Tap for the Chicken! - Download £18