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  • V177 Had Enough? Armand picks a fight with Louis, and Louis shows off his superior wrestling skills by totally squashing Armand. Louis applies one painful submission hold after another. Armand decides to fight dirty. He throws a punch, then ties Louis' hands behind his back. It's Louis' turn to take a beating, but when the rope comes off it's curtains for Armand. This video is 29 minutes long.
    V177 Had Enough? - Download £12
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  • V176 Jackass, starring Ryan and newcomer JP. Little JP is all excited about joining Untamed, and he chooses to pick a fight with Ryan. At first Ryan doesn't want to go because he's hurt his arm, but JP insists. Jp starts out well, but he's a little guy, and his energy isn't enough to let him get the better of Ryan. Maybe next time.... This video is 27 minutes long.
    V176 Jackass - Download £12
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  • V175 Who's The Champion? Conley is boasting to Ferdi that there is nobody at Untamed who can beat him since he started his new workout routine. Ferdi asks him to flex for him and, when Conley is showing off his back muscles, Ferdi launches his attack. Ferdi doesn't stop until Conley admits he's Ferdi's bitch. If you like to see Ferdi dishing it out and Conley playing the hapless jobber, this is for you! This video is 52 minutes long.
    V175 Who's The Champion? - Download £18
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  • V174 Ab Attack 8 - Who Do You Think You Are? Leroy is tired of getting beaten by Armand, so he handcuffs him and knocks him round the room mercilessly. When Armand is close to passing out, Leroy releases him, allowing Armand to get some payback. The eventual loser is taken outside and pegged to the grass for a painful finish. This video is 50 minutes long.
    V174 Ab attack 8 - Who Do You Think You Are? - Download £18
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  • V173 Fair and Square, starring Louis and Ettienne. Several years ago, when Ettienne was a boy, Louis gave him some coaching in a training session. Ettienne ended up suffering in some painful holds. Now, Ettienne is a little bigger than Louis, and he wants another opportunity to show what he can do. This video is 48 minutes long.
    V173 Fair and Square - Download £18
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  • V172 Table Dance, starring Daniel and Ferdi. Ferdi took a pounding from Daniel and Armand last week, and he wants revenge. He finds Daniel all alone and goes for it big time. Poor Daniel suffers in a variety of submission holds such as the camel clutch and Boston crab, and Ferdi lands some powerful punches as well. This video is 31 minutes long.
    V172 Table Dance - Download £12
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  • V171 Pummelled, starring Daniel, Armand and Ferdi. When Ferdi insults Armand and starts beating him up Daniel comes to Armand's assistance and the two boys teach Ferdi some manners. Poor Ferdi is on the receiving end of lots of gutpunching and other forms of abuse, but as he keeps telling us "I love pain!" This video is 30 minutes long.
    V171 Pummelled - Download £12
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  • V170 Ab Attack 7 - How Do You Wanna Do This? Jessie tells Brandon that he could make him pass out by punching him in the abs, so Brandon challenges him to go ahead and try. This contest starts out quite friendly, but these boys are both very competitive. The eventual loser ends up tied to a chair and knocked out with some merciless stomach punches. This video is 58 minutes long.
    V170 Ab Attack 7 - Download £18
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  • V169 Handgag 5 - This Feels Good! Arno doesn't want to fight Conley, but Conley jumps him and for the first half of the video Arno suffers in one handgag after another as Conley has his fun. Arno ends up hogtied, but he manages to escape and prepare to surprise Conley when he returns. Then it's Conley's turn to get smothered by Arno and he ends up hogtied and crying for help. This video is 56 minutes long.
    V169 Handgag 5 - Download £18
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  • V168 Take That! starring Daniel and Armand. Daniel has been looking forward to kicking Armand's ass, but it isn't going to be that easy. These two boys both like to win, and although Daniel is bigger and older, Armand is an experienced fighter. The boys share fairly equal top time and we don't know until the very end who is going to win. This video is 29 minutes long.
    V168 Take That! - Download £12
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  • V167 Please Leave Me! Ferdi, JC and JC's girlfriend all work in the same bar, but when JC finds out that Ferdi and his girlfriend have been up to no good in the backroom, things get spicy. Poor JC confronts Ferdi, and then gets humiliation piled on top of humiliation as Ferdi plays with him in his usual, uncompromising style. This video is 56 minutes long.
    V167 Please Leave Me! - Download £18
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  • V166 Chokey 4, starring Jacques and Jessie J. When Jacques comes across Jessie J working out in the fight room, only one thing can happen! Neither of these boys is used to losing, so we know it's going to be a great session. The action includes lots of choking with rope and with bare hands, and the loser gets dunked in a large bowl of water. This video is 49 minutes long.
    V166 Chokey 4 - Download £18
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  • V165 Collarless, starring Conley and Armand. The boys have been to a party but Conley is not happy. Although Armand already has several girlfriends, he spent the whole time flirting with Conley's girlfriend. The boys are wearing expensive new shirts, and by the end of their fight it looks like Conley is going to be taking Armand on a shopping trip. This video is 50 minutes long.
    V165 Collarless - Download £18
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  • V164 What Now? Ferdi likes to play golf, but Louis doesn't think golf is a sport. Sportts involve contact, like wrestling and rugby. Wrestling is Louis' sport, and he's good at it. Ferdi says he can beat Louis at wrestling and Louis never turns down a challenge. We handicapped Louis by letting Ferdi choose his starting position, and we allowed Ferdi to use chokes and sleepers. This video is 45 minutes long.
    V164 What Now? - Download £18
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  • V163 Stand Up! New boy Ryan just wants a friendly wrestle but Leroy uses the new kid's inexperience against him. Leroy uses lots of sleepers and chokes to punish Ryan, in addition to some merciless gutpunching. When Ryan manages to use his weight advantage to gain control Leroy grabs the handcuffs! This video is 46 minutes long.
    V163 Stand Up! - Download £18
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