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  • UBV150 Waiting for Jack, starring Jack and newcomer Benjamin. NEW RELEASE. Benjamin is eager to start his first session but Jack is running late. When he arrives, Jack sets about our new guy with his usual gusto, making Benjamin suffer with a big smile on his face. But Benjamin turns out to be a capable fighter, and he enjoys working over Jack when he gets the chance. Has Jack met his match? This video is 48 minutes long.
    UBV150 Waiting for Jack
  • V199 Park Life, starring Armand and Arno. NEW RELEASE. Arno is looking for a match, and Armand volunteers without hesitation. Arno is bigger and stronger, but Armand has more experience and incredible flexibility. Who will come out on top? This video is 49 minutes long.
    V199 Park Life - Download £18
  • V111 Leaner and Meaner. Re-release. Louis thinks he might be able to take Jacques' title now he's lost so much weight, but Jacques turns out to be as invincible as ever. Louis' back takes a lot of punishment in this match, but not as much as his ego! This video is 50 minutes long.
    V111 Leaner and Meaner - Download £18
  • UBV021 Toby vs Bobby. Re-release. Body builder Bobby learns a lesson from Toby in this video which was first released in December 2012. The guys start out in jeans, then move inside where they wrestle in speedos. This video is 44 minutes.
    UBV021 Bobby vs Toby - Download £18
  • V114 New Boys 2, starring Daniel and Ferdi. Re-release. When Daniel criticises Ferdi's new workout routine, Ferdi is keen to prove that, although smaller, he is stronger than Daniel. A great introduction for two terrific wrestlers in their first appearance at Untamed. This top selling video from 2014 is 47 minutes long.
    V114 New Boys 2 - Download £18
  • UBV149 Big Brawl, starring Mark and Adam. NEW RELEASE. Musclepunk Adam thinks he will make light work of football star Mark. Mark was only too keen to have a go at the beefy bodybuilder! This video is 32 minutes long.
    UBV149 Big Brawl - Download £15
  • V198 Ab Attack 9. NEW RELEASE. JP thinks he can make Ferdi pass out by landing some powerful blows on his six pack. Ferdi agrees to have his hands cuffed behind his back to give JP a clear target. When JP fails, Ferdi wants his hands released, but JP wants to keep going. Can JP achieve his objective? This video is 46 minutes long.
    V198 Ab Attack 9 - Download £18
  • UBV148 No Let Up, starring Corey and Harry. NEW RELEASE. Corey is a very competitive young man. He likes to win! Harry is determined and he has had a good run. The guys were really looking forward to this match, and were in terrific shape. The action is fast paced and furious, with neither of our hardy contenders prepared to back down. This video is 47 minutes long.
    UBV148 No Let Up - Download £18
  • V197 Any Last Words? NEW RELEASE. Evan is a feisty little guy and he wants a pop at JC, with his ripped body and arrogance. At first JC thinks it's a joke, as he throws little Evan around the room, but Evan is tougher than he looks. When Evan gets an opportunity to punish JC, he really goes for it! This video is 40 minutes long.
    V197 Any Last Words? - Download £18